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oh hello..

maybe I should blog again... it's been SO long & I miss it.


Photo Diary: Athens & Santorini, Greece

I can't believe I was in Greece 2 weeks ago... and it hasn't even been 2 weeks since I've been home. Oh my, having major Europe withdrawals :/
I need to go back. please. 

en route to Santorini
it was a long ride from Athens --> Santorini, thankfully I don't have motion sickness 
crystal waters
awkward hands :S
hi :P
& this is what I always imagined Santorini to look like :)
and of course it started pouring...
love the houses
Elisa & I :)
@ Red Sand Beach, right before the downpour 
my souvenir @ Red-Black Sand Beach
entrance to a restaurant 
Welcome~ love the sound of the bells
white&blue :) 
& more blue doors! 

SO windy but SO happy :D
Elisa always cracking me up
hello sunset :)

after a long day of sightseeing.. it can't get any better than this :)

& back on the ferry to Athens! Twas quite windy~

Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Theatre of Dionysus
Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus
& of course,the Parthenon 

Being in Greece was a dream come true, but not what I had expected.. but still so happy & thankful I was able to be there!! Next time I'm there, I'll need at least a week to enjoy all the islands :)